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Deanne is The Flow Channel's executive producer, researcher, and one of its writers. As a university learning center coordinator, and instructor, she is passionate about translating flow theory into practical frameworks for transforming boredom and anxiety wherever people learn and work. She serves as North American Editor for ALEAS Productions’ FLIGBY (Flow is Good Business) simulation experience and is a TEDx organizer ( and speaker coach. She was lead author for the National Endowment for the Arts’ How Creativity Works in the Brain: Insights from a Santa Fe Institute Working Group (2015) and has served as an editor for publishing houses including Bedford/St. Martin’s, American Psychiatric Press, and the University of Nebraska Press. Deanne finds flow not only in the realm of books, students, theories, and research, but also random orbital sanders, scrapers, paint brushes, dusty manual labor, paint, stain, and varnish. These are some of the restorer’s tools that power her passion for extreme recycling. Renewing beautiful, historic, well-made structures preserves not only excellence in craftsmanship, but also the fascinating stories old buildings tell.

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