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The Flow Channel Team


Gary Gute is The Flow Channel's host and associate producer. Dedicated to cultivating Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s work on human flourishing in individual lives, organizations, and schools, he has worked closely with Mike since 1999. 

He is a creativity and flow researcher, TEDx licensee (, and founder of the Creative Life Research Center and the Human Potential Project at the University of Northern Iowa, where he serves as Associate Professor of Applied Human Sciences. 


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi—Mike—is one of the most influential living psychologists ( and recipient of Brain Channel's  Thinker of the Year Award. He is the architect of flow theory, co-founder of the field of Positive Psychology, and a renowned creativity scholar. His landmark studies and his Systems Model of Creativity are foundational to our understanding of the environment’s role in shaping creativity.


Deanne is The Flow Channel's executive producer, researcher, and one of its writers. She is passionate about translating flow  theory into practical frameworks for transforming boredom and anxiety wherever people learn and work. She serves as North American Editor for ALEAS Productions’ FLIGBY (Flow is Good Business, simulation experience and is a TEDx organizer ( and speaker coach.

The Team in the Media

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