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About Flow and The Quality of Experience

The Flow State vs. a Flow-Wise State of Mind is not just about the Flow State—the short-lived, exhilarating rush of peak performance. Excellence is important, and the flow framework does teach us about achieving mastery of our skills. The bigger picture is how we feel about ourselves and the challenges we choose, how we deal with the challenges that choose us, how we connect with others, and how we find purpose and enjoyment in everyday life. What does it takes to make flow happen when the default for most adults most of the time is anxiety or boredom? What skills, conditions, and mindsets make flow happen? What conditions within relationships and systems are less friendly to flow than others? is committed to building a global Flow Fellowship with the following mission:


Supporting empirical research focused on helping the world understand flow experience from social, psychological, and neurobiological perspectives; describing the flow dimensions and the elements over which human beings can enable and sustain them; and relationships between flow and other principles of positive psychology and a good life.

Creating and curating engaging content making all three aspects of flow practical: “Be Good, Feel Good, Do Good.” 

  • "Be Good":  Content focused on skill mastery and goal achievement

  • "Feel Good": Content focused on flow as a means of transforming anxiety, stress, boredom, chaos, and trauma

  • "Do Good":  Content focused on the ways people organize of life and work into meaningful patterns and larger purpose; directing flow experiences toward improving quality of life for others; using flow principles to encourage the full flourishing of human potential in communities, workplaces, families, and schools,

The Quality of Experience Quiz

The quiz introduces you to the nine dimensions of flow experience and is intended to prompt some thinking about how each dimension plays out in your life. We suggest focusing on one domain of your life at a time. What's on your mind most right now? Your work? Your relationships? Your learning? Your leisure time? One particular skill you want to master? Do the quiz for each one.


It all begins with Challenge. So click in the Challenge circle to begin and work your way around. The more "Yes" answers you can honestly choose, the closer you are to living up to your full potential for excellence in meeting your goals and for great quality of life. For each authentic "No" you choose, you'll see a suggestion for transforming a No to a Yes and preparing your mind and your environment for optimal experience.

Please Note: The Quiz is not currently available for mobile devices. Please visit on your desktop.

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