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Gary is The Flow Channel's host and associate producer. Dedicated to cultivating Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s work on human flourishing in individual lives, organizations, and schools, he has worked closely with Mike since 1999.  


He is a creativity and flow researcher, TEDx licensee (, and founder of the Creative Life Research Center and the Human Potential Project at the University of Northern Iowa, where he serves as Associate Professor of Applied Human Sciences. He holds a PhD in Human Development from Iowa State University. His teaching focuses on flow, positive psychology, creativity’s role in the evolution of culture, and life-span developmental psychology.


He and Mike are working on long-term investigations into the gamification of flow for leadership development, psychological complexity in the lives of highly creative persons, and the study of optimal environments for learning and creativity.


In addition to many academic publications and presentations, his work has been discussed in Newsweek, The Washington Post, Parents, Family Fun, Men's Health, and on PBS’ Charlie Rose Show.


He curates The Flow Channel’s Blog and will soon be launching The Flow Channel’s Podcast. Episode themes will include Finding Flow with Mihaly, Inside the Experience, Flow for Good, Flow Kids, and Flow at Work.


For the last 30 years, he has found flow while meeting the challenges that reveal themselves during the restoration of historic homes. His current projects include an 1874 Italianate and an 1893 Queen Anne.

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